Steadfast Farms

Steadfast Farms is nestled among 680 acres of rolling hills, lush pastures, and bubbling fresh water creeks and springs. In the 1940s, eight small farms were assembled by Jack Pirkle, father of Ada Spruill. The farm has a rich agricultural history - chickens, produce, rough sawn lumber, soybeans, corn, hogs, and the milking of 500 dairy cows are all a part of the farm’s history. In 1992, the Spruill Family began exclusively boarding horses and growing quality hay for the Georgia equine population. 

Today, Steadfast is home to almost one hundred horses, all of whom enjoy a natural, pastured life. 

Steadfast has always been a family operation. The staff are all family members or close friends who practice being accessible and approachable for consultations on horse needs and care. Steadfast Farms is both home and business, and it is a joy to showcase God’s creation on the farm. 

We invite you to explore our website and enjoy a glimpse into life at Steadfast.

I moved my horse, Jess, to Steadfast Farms 17 years ago. I had moved him several times over the years, and when he got off the trailer from Washington State I promised him I would never put him on a trailer again. It has been an easy promise to keep. I couldn’t imagine a better place to board my horse. Jess is 31 now and still going strong. We still ride as often we can and we never get tired of the beautiful land and trails we get to enjoy here. 


I have enjoyed boarding my horse at Steadfast. It has been a good place for both of us. Jess receives excellent care. He is happy and healthy, and I have met some wonderful people here, including my husband!